Carpet Repairs

 Carpet Stretching Price $100.00 T0 $125.00 Per Room. Hallways is $.75.00 To $100.00 per Hallway

We can Restretch and repair or patch rooms with or without furniture. In many cases, we prefer to stretch the entire room and not just the visible wrinkles. This way we can guarantee our work and give you a  warranty of the work we perform on the carpet  knowing that you won’t have any future problems. We have seen many cases where we have come in after other companies have stretched carpets for a client to fix what should have been done to begin with. Make sure you call Goodson Steemer for all of your carpet stretching.

Seam Repair

All carpets have seams; but an open seam has the potential to be dangerous. These problems might start small like a fray but will eventually develop into a larger problem like a lift. Whatever your situation, the professionals here at Goodson Steemer can handle it.

Commercial Glue-down

Carpet Patch

Most people use the term carpet patch. The correct term that is used in the industry is "permanent section". We use donor carpet to permanently section a new piece of carpet to your existing carpet. Usually customers have some extra carpet lying around in a garage or attic that we can use as a suitable donor piece, if not we can cut a piece from a closet and use this to repair your carpet. Using a Technician that is  makes the difference.


Carpet & Rug Binding

We do carpet binding work for builders contractor motels homeowner realtors investor retailers and much more. So bring your rugs to us for your binding solution call us today.

Pet Damage Repair

We know all to well how loveable your pets are, but we also know they can be destructive to your floors! Some common problems we see in the field include: open seams, carpet ripples, bald spots and many others. Goodson Steemer has the technical know how and experience to fix anything your pet can dish out.


Discolorations & Red Stains

If you have children you are well aware of how often and how easily stains appear! Stains typically result from items like markers, dye, food, paint and even children drinks. Coming home to a stain that may appear permanent can easily ruin your day, but don’t worry! Goodson Steemer Carpet Repair can make those spots disappear.


Burn Marks

Burns are unsightly and are caused by a variety of reasons. We don't care how they got there our technicians just want to help you get rid of them. Replacing carpet is very expensive and may not be the best solution for you and your family, so don’t replace it... Repair it! Call Goodson Steemer Repair today for a free phone estimate!







Water Damage

Large amounts of water can cause some major damage to your flooring but this problem is much more common than one might imagine. Flood damage can be caused by any number of reasons such as leaking water heaters or dripping ceilings. Water creates some major focus points such as: Loosening tack strips, separated glue and worst of all the possibility of mold. If you have water damage please do not hesitate to contact us for help.


Bleached Spots

Bleach stains are so common today, that it is almost impossible to discover a home without one. Most people think these stains are non-repairable, Goodson Steemer has the answer you are looking for!

  • Carpet seam
  • Red Stain Removal

  • Tile & Grout Cleaning

  • Carpet patches
  • Carpet Restretching

  • Carpet Tear

  • Bleach spots
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